Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Why I'm Here

So Blogging World I have decided to begin October as a vegetarian. Today is day 2! Can I make it a whole month without eating meat? I sure do hope so because I am going to give it my all!

While I do not have any qualms about eating meat, even though I am an animal lover and a huge animal rights advocate, I do appreciate the vegetarian and vegan lifestyle and I want to pay a little homage to them, and to myself.

Because I just decided to start this blog today, I will start taking pictures of my meals tomorrow. I think this will help keep me on the right track.

Additionally, yesterday I started doing the Insanity workout and I must say even the Fitness Test was INSANE! My whole body is sore and I can't imagine how I will feel tomorrow.

So this first post will tell you a little bit about myself. I've had a pretty normal life. I went off to college at 18, 6 hours from home and I really loved it. What I did not love was the Freshman Fifteen. I have always dreamed of being a lawyer and I worked hard through my undergraduate years and graduated Cum Laude with a degree in History and Anthropology.

During my senior year of college I lost the fifteen pounds I had gained the first year I was away from home. Now I'm starting my second year of law school, and I believe there should be a new category for the weight you gain during your first year at law school: Law School Twenty. Through exercise and healthier eating I was able to lose fifteen of those pounds and I just have five more pounds to go.

I want this blog to highlight my healthy lifestyle by keeping me accountable to myself. :) I do not believe that there is a certain weight that you should strive to be because a magazine says so. I believe there is a certain weight that helps you remain healthy, and that is the goal I am ultimately setting for myself. To be healthy. To be happy. And to live life to the fullest!

As I said earlier, I will keep you updated about my meal choices tomorrow... Whoever you are!

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