Sunday, October 7, 2012

Church and Scones

So while I intended to sleep in a little today, my body had other plans, and I woke up at 8:00. I decided to get out of bed and try the new scones recipe I had found at Skinny Taste a while ago, but had just now gotten around to getting all the ingredients. I slightly changed the recipe, which you can find under the recipe tab!

Everything I Needed
While I love to bake, this was my first time making scones and the results didn't look to pretty.

Final Product
BUT they tasted delicious!!

Scones and Fruit=Best Breakfast Ever
After church I ran to the gym for a quick workout and then to Kroger for some supplies for this week. I was running low on fruit and veggies. For lunch I had leftover's from the hibachi place yesterday. It was delicious.

Still Delicious!
For dinner I had leftover chili. Tomorrow I am bringing some that I had frozen for lunch. I've never frozen chili before so I'm a little worried about what it will look like! 

Today was a very relaxed day, minus the errands and cleaning the house. It was a nice lazy Sunday!

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