Friday, October 12, 2012

Oops... 2 Day Blog again! :)

So as I've said before, this week has been crazy and the last two nights have been full of dinner with friends so when I come home I'm exhausted and I just climb into bed. But I want to take the time out tonight to write a blog with my meals for the past couple days!

Breakfast today was pretty normal. Yesterday I had a green smoothie!

Breakfast this morning was toast with jam, a banana, and grits and egg whites with spinach!

Lunch yesterday was scones and today I had a pb&j sandwich with whole grain goldfish! It was quick and easy!

Dinner for the past two nights has consisted of vegetarian fajitas and too many chips!

After dinner tonight my friend and I decided that some froyo would be an amazing end to a fun night! So good. I had chocolate and vanilla swirl with a spoon full of cheesecake bites, cookie dough bites and a few mini m&ms! My favorite!!

Dessert tonight! So yummy!

So I've been saving up for a few months now for this rose gold Michael Kors watch I fell in love with, well after being Mommy for a day I was able to buy it! i love it so much! I just can't stop looking at it!

My new Michael Kors Watch
I did not exercise tonight, but I did Insanity yesterday and I went to the gym! Today I decided to just take a night off and catch up on some blog writing and some email writing. I'm on a committee for a group at my school and we're having a huge event coming up and my job was emailing undergraduate organizations inviting them to come. I got most of it done, tomorrow I just have to try and find new emails for the emails that were returned to me for whatever reason.

A friend who is reading my blog (the same friend who I ate with tonight) brought it to my attention that I had not posted the recipe for the corn chowder I made! I will definitely fix that tomorrow! :)

So I think its time for bed! Good night readers, whoever you are!

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