Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Migraine Monday

I woke up with a migraine today. It was also supposed to be a pretty long week, since I volunteered to be a witness in a competition for a friend. So for breakfast I decided to eat whatever sounded good at the time, hoping it would help my headache! It included two slices of cinnamon swirl toast some egg whites with spinach, some fruit and some greek yogurt.


For lunch I had some cereal with skim milk and a banana.

Dinner was some oven baked corn that was cut off the cob. It was delicious. And I also had a tofu buffalo chicken sandwich with some tomatoes and spinach on a toasted 80 calorie bun. It was so good! 

Tomorrow I think I'm going to have to eat out for dinner. I am supposed to be at the law school from 5-8 and I may stop and get something on the way! I cant eat late or it upsets my stomach!!

I went to the gym to workout today and did some good incline on the treadmill! 

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