Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Organization Queen

Organization Tips:

Fruit Basket
I always have a basket full of fruit. This usually changes with the seasons, but will always have bananas. I may or may not be slightly obsessed with bananas! They are so delicious! Having the basket allows me to easily see what fruit I am out of and need to get from the grocery store.

I bought this handy dandy calendar from Office Depot and I use it to plan out my meals for the week as well as any little event that is out of the ordinary for my week (babysitting, or dinner with friends) it helps stop me from just running by McDonalds on the way home, because I know I have a plan I need to stick with. Its right over the oven in my house which makes it always visible!

Containers with healthy-er snacks (ignore the candy corn)
I try to keep a lot of different kind of treats packed away in 100 calorie snack packs that way I watch my portion control. I am known for having gone through a whole pack of cookies in less then a week. The containers keep the food fresh. My sister complained that it would make her WANT to snack more if it were right in front of her, but that is not an issue for me.

Baskets full of 100 calorie packs of crackers, and marshmallows, and graham crackers and whole grain goldfish. Also, packs of pistachios and graham crackers. 
Ideas for 100 calorie packs:
14 Almonds
14 Animal Crackers
2/3 Cup of Marshmallows
Approximately 24 Honey Maid Graham Cracker Mini Squares
Approximately 36 Whole Grain Gold Fish

I keep a big bowl of fruit in the fridge but I also portion out small containers with fruit for go-to snacks!

My Organized Fridge
My organized fridge is something I've very proud of. I have separate basket for yogurts, fruit, and vegetables, and cheese. I have a bowl of salad and a container of spinach for smoothies. This picture is from a couple of weeks ago before my vegetarian month began so ignore the chicken. Its so easy to know what I'm out of when my fridge is organized!

I am a huge fan of organization. The more organized I am the less stressed out I feel. As a law student, any less stress is much appreciated.

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