Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Two Day Menu

So I have the first draft of a paper due tomorrow so I've been super busy and will have to keep this short.

As I was getting the pictures ready I noticed that I had eaten the exact same breakfast, lunch and dinner for the past two days. What can I say? I'm in a meal rut. :)

For breakfast I had a container of greek yogurt, a cup of fruit, and a blueberry scone. Its been delicious. I have just a couple left, so this will be my breakfast again tomorrow! I just can't allow these to go to waste! ;)


For lunch I had the last of the leftover chili I had frozen last week. It was delicious. Since its so cold outside, it makes it taste even better! I forgot to to take a picture! :( Sorry!

For dinner I had a salad and more corn chowder. My friend at school made me some homemade wheat bread that I had a thick slice of with the chowder! YUMMY!

Leftover corn chowder with homemade bread (from a friend in class!

Salad with light ranch dressing

I'm back to work on my paper for a little while longer, before I pass out from exhaustion!

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