Thursday, October 18, 2012

Long Week

So blog readers, I am still here, I've just been extremely busy this week! I have been helping friend with a trial competition and between that and these monstrous migraines I've been having its hard to find time to write when all I want to do is pass out the moment I get home.

I have had TMJ since I was 12, and I was slammed in the face with a cleat while I was playing goalie for my soccer team. I had surgery on it when I was 14 and was told, that like any joint, the injury would reappear, but that the surgery should help for around 5-8 years. Well, its been 10, so I guess the surgeons knew what they were doing!

I have made an appointment Friday with a masseuse who is supposed to be amazing with helping injuries and when I told her I had TMJ the first question she asked me was if I was having headaches. I wanted to say "OH MY GOODNESS YES!" But I simply answered, "yes ma'am" like the southern belle I am! :)

Ok so now on to what I've been eating the past few days:

Tuesday for breakfast I had a slice of cinnamon toast and a green smoothie, with blueberries and raspberries.
For lunch I had a lot of snacky things, because I had another headache and was not completely hungry, but I wanted to keep my metabolism going.

For dinner, I ran by Jimmy Johns and ordered the vegetarian sub with no mayo and I ate half of it with half an order of chips and half a pickle, I saved the rest for lunch the following day!

Dinner: the only picture from that day!

On Wednesday I had 3 slices of cinnamon swirl toast, grits and egg whites with spinach. It was so delicious!


Like I said, lunch was leftover Jimmy Johns, that sandwich is soooooooo good!

So a while before the whole Chik-fila boycott when I discovered the restaurant was giving money to anti-gay groups I decided personally to boycott the restaurant. And when they finally agreed not to give any more money to those political organizations I was already in my vegetarian month, so I haven't been there yet, so yesterday when I got out of class and finished running some errands around town I decided to treat myself with an ice cream cone! Its one of my favorite treats!!
Last bite of an ice cream cone is the best!
I had a vegan buffalo chicken patty for dinner with some corn (cut off the cob to accommodate my TMJ). It was delicious!

Dinner on my new plates!

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