Thursday, October 4, 2012


Today I pushed the snooze button several times before finally forcing myself to get out of bed. I was very sore again (thanks Insanity!) and in a hurry to get ready. The shower once again was helpful for my sore muscles and I had to think of a quick breakfast to get out the door.

One of my favorite things to make for breakfast on the go is a Green Smoothie. I enjoy changing it up by adding different kinds of fruit and yogurt. This is my usual recipe: 1 small frozen banana (which I peel and slice before freezing); 1 container of Greek Yogurt (today I used a container of Black Cherry Yoplait 100 Calorie Greek Yogurt); mixture of raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries (depends on whats in season or on sale at my grocery store); 2 huge handfuls of spinach; and a half a packet of stevia. It was quite delicious. And its very filling.

Ready for class!!

One of the easiest ways for me to keep making healthy choices all week is to make enough of something healthy and eating leftovers. I got to be honest. I'm not the biggest fan of leftovers. However, I realize how it helps me from just pulling in to McDonalds for just a small fry and ending up with a whole meal full of saturated fats and unneeded calories! So more leftover pasta and fruit!

I Didn't Think Y'all Wanted Another Picture of My Pasta But I Thought The Fruit Was Picture-Worthy!
After being in school all day and getting called on in one class and a paper reviewed in another class I was exhausted! My dinner as I said yesterday was supposed to be leftover chili, but I got a text message from my BFF asking me to come out to a cookout at their house! How could I resist? Especially knowing I had some vegetarian hot dogs in my fridge! :)

So how can you make a bbq more healthy? I helped out by asking what I could bring and offering to bring a salad! I also brought corn on the cob to grill for another health side! Showing up with a healthy option gives everyone a chance to eat healthy (even if its just a bite!)

Sorry! I had forgotten to take a picture because I was so hungry I devoured one of my hotdogs! Also there was grilled corn and fried squash and a salad to start! I love my BFF's plates! Aren't they cute?!?!
My birthday present from my BFF! Its a vintage Black's Law Dictionary and I LOVE it!! :)
 The boys at the BBQ made a bet with each other to try one of the hotdogs, and while none of them liked it (or so they said!) I thought they were great and a good alternative for BBQs in the future! :)

Overall it was a long but great day! :)

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