Friday, October 5, 2012

Leftovers Day

Today I volunteered for a pro-bono event at a local high school. It was so much fun. We talked to the kids about what their rights would be when they graduated and became tenants. We had a skit where I played Judge Judy! I hope we taught the kids something that they will use later. :) For breakfast this morning I had some Kashi Honey Sunshine cereal and a banana for breakfast. I love that cereal its so yummy, I feel like its a grown-up version of Captain Crunch!

So good!

Lunch was a leftover grilled hotdog and fruit and whole grain goldfish. Goldfish are one of my favorite snacks! They ares so delicious!! :) I had just enough time to change out of my professional work clothes and into something more causal for babysitting this afternoon! I grabbed an apple for my afternoon snack!

Lunch! This picture makes me want to be on the lookout for some cuter plates!

Dinner was some leftover chili. I had another garlic cheddar roll and changed the chili up a little by topping it with some cheese!! It was so yummy! I forgot to take a picture of it. Oops. For dessert I'm having a Skinny Cow Cookies And Cream Truffle Bar. One of my favorites! And after the Insanity Day 5 Pure Cardio, I think I deserve two!

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