Saturday, October 20, 2012

Food Roundup

Well, though I've had all the good intention of posting once a day, with the migraines I've had all week its been tough.

I went to a masseuse on Friday, it was the first time I've ever been and it was amazing! I will definitely be babysitting more in order to go once a month!

So on to the food I've been eating: Because of my jaw I've been trying not to chew too much so as you'll see there is lots of cereal and toast.

Thursday's Breakfast

Thursday's Dinner

Friday's Breakfast 
Hot Tea

Saturday and tomorrow I have to babysit. I woke up and worked out to Insanity and ate some cereal. I'm almost done with the box, so I'll probably be eating it more tomorrow too.

Saturday's Breakfast
While babysitting I ran by the Farmers Market and picked up some local tomatoes and bell peppers and squash. I chopped it up and I plan on putting it in the crockpot with some tomato sauce for some veggie filled pasta for dinner tomorrow!! :) Can't wait!

Sweat Treat before Story Time

FroYo Sharing with the Baby

For dinner tonight I had leftover pizza from yesterday's lunch with my BFF. I apologize for how there are just pictures and not much description of my days! :)  I vow to do better next time!

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