Sunday, October 14, 2012

And Yet Another Two Day Post

This weekend has been pretty busy, full of school work and lots of errands. Yesterday and today for breakfast I had Honey Sunshine Kashi Cereal with a banana. I have just a little bit left of this box and I think I may bring it for lunch!

Honey Sunshine Kashi Cereal
For dinner yesterday I tried a new frozen dinner that I had seen. While I'm not the biggest fan of eating frozen dinners, I was so tired from grocery shopping yesterday I figured I'd give this new one a shot. And as a law student its always good to have a few for quick go-to meals when a study session runs late, or something unexpected comes up and you can't cook. It was quite good, not amazing but definitely had worse.

Yesterday's Dinner: Baked 4 Cheese Healthy Choice Pasta and Green Beans and the last of the homemade bread! 
Leo with his treat! 

Yesterday and today's lunch consisted of a egg white salad with whole grain Gold Fish and grapes as sides!

Egg White Salad and Goldfish
Tonight's dinner consisted of the last of the soup. I have some frozen for go-to dinners or lunches for the week but this was the last bowl in the fridge!

Last of the soup
Tomorrow I have a pretty busy day, but on Tuesday I have some meatless meatballs and some veggies that will make a yummy pasta for the week!

:) Its been a pretty straightforward weekend. Not too much to do but a lot to do, if that makes sense. I enjoy having a lazy day every now and then.

Workouts have been straightforward Insanity. Tomorrow I think I'm going to run by the gym for some treadmill time and give myself a small break! 

My current weight is 131.8 and my cousin and I made a bet a couple pounds ago to lose 5 lbs and I'm only 3 lbs away from that. My goal weight is 127, because I think that would be a good weight to have that normal 5 lb fluctuation that comes with life. Hopefully a couple more weeks of eating healthy will help me get there!

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