Thursday, October 25, 2012

LSRJ Thursday

SOOOOOOOOO today I woke up early to work out. Insanity Cardio Abs and Pure Cardio. It was such a great workout I was needing a nice Green Smoothie for a pick me up! I had to take a picture of this one because it was almost lime green! :) This Green Smoothie had pear and a small frozen banana and strawberry yogurt and spinach of course! While I waited for it to blend I had the last slice of cinnamon toast. 

Green Smoothie

So for lunch I was sitting at the LSRJ Informational Table and so I made sure to bring food that again could be easily eaten while talking to people. I forgot to take a picture of lunch but it included strawberry mini delight cereal, a nectarine, a banana and some berries.

I took a picture of dinner, I THOUGHT but it did not save on my phone! :( Sad day. BUT it included the pasta sauce I had made and some pasta with green beans and green peas. I went to grab a whole grain roll, but they were moldy! I was so disappointed, but then yesterday I ran into Walmart and bought the new flatbread sandwich flats from Hungry Girl and I grabbed one for the side! IT WAS DELICIOUS! I cannot WAIT to make a pizza out of those! They were so delicious!

The Panel at the Law Students for Reproductive Justice Panel
After the Panel Discussion there was a cocktail hour, I wasn't hungry but for some reason I ended up eating way too many hors d'oeuvres! I ended up eating two spring rolls and two small quesadillas along with too much hummus and pita bread. I think I stuck some carrot sticks in there too though! 

I've been having such a stressful week, and my usual thing to deal with stress is to overeat, but I had been doing pretty well this week in spite of all the stress. So, while I"m frustrated with myself, I am going to move on and just realize that I did not ruin my diet by having one not so good day, I will have a better day tomorrow. 

I get to sleep in a little tomorrow morning because I do not have to babysit! I plan on waking up and working out then going to class and then I had planned on going to Jimmy Johns for a sandwich before my hair appointment to split for lunch and dinner. It should be a nice day. 

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