Leo's Corner

So I don't know if I've come across this way or not, but Leo is my world. Although I talk bad about him occasionally (Shelties never stop barking!) I love him so much!

I thought I would devote a page to him!

Baby Leo!

Sleepy Leo!

Bad Leo!

Look at that face!

Awkward stage!

How he used to sit in my lap while I drove!

Pretty boy!


Now he's all hair!


Walking at the Park!

On the way to the park!

Exhausted Leo!

So my story with Leo starts like this, I had wanted a puppy for a long time, but I lived in the dorms for two years, and as I imagine all dorms are, there were no pets allowed. Once I moved into a house with two girls I thought I would finally be able to get a puppy, but alas, the owners said no pets!

I was so sad, but I kept asking them and begging them and finally they agreed! And my mom agreed that he could be my Christmas present!

I looked and looked for a sheltie to adopt, but no where around me allowed for adoptions without a backyard. So I began looking for a puppy to buy.

One day my friend Janna found a male sheltie for sale, I called the number and that night drove two hours to pick him up. Best decision of my life.

Have any Leo questions? 

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