Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday Monday.... So Good To Me...

So today I was very excited to wake up and NOT having a headache! It was so nice! The massage was definitely worth all the money! I woke up early and did the Cardio Recovery from the Insanity workout and after classes I planned on working out on the treadmill.
For breakfast I wanted a little bit of everything, I was in the mood for scramble egg whites on toast?!? And then I wanted cinnamon toast and then I wanted grapes and bananas too! Whatever works! :) It kept me full for a long time!
Yummy Breakfast
Before going to babysit I went to check my mail and I found a belated birthday present from my family! I come from a pretty large family, my Mom was the third of 8 children and my father was the third of 7. Now that I'm 24, I don't expect presents from them for birthdays BUT when I get one I am sooo excited and I feel very blessed that they are thinking about me! Now that I've lost some weight I will put the gift card they gave me to good use!

So for lunch I packed more grapes and some baked cheetohs and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I was in the mood for carbs today, in case you didn't notice ;)

Yummy Brown Bag Lunch

After class and the gym, I decided to run by Petsmart and grab some food for Leo and a birthday present for Leo and Roxy (coming up on Halloween). Well technically that IS Leo's birthday, but I don't know when Roxy's is. So too make it easier on a cash-strapped college student I decided to combine their birthdays. I know their animals. They don't need a birthday at all. But I love them like they are my babies and I want to celebrate when they came into the world and my life.

Also, I've been wanting to buy Leo a halloween costume but I didn't want to pay the full price, well tonight I found a Lion costume for 3 bucks! So excited! I decided to name Leo after a lion, because I think Shetland Sheepdogs look a little bit like lions when their fur is all puffed out and pretty! :)

After my quick trip I decided to make a salad because I was starving!!! 

Salad with a little zesty italian dressing

For dinner I had another whole grain roll some more green beans and pasta with some added vegetarian meatballs. I gotta be honest. The meatballs were NOT my favorite. I ended up throwing them away. I don't know why I bought them honestly, though because I am not the biggest meatball fan as it is, but now I know they're not for me. So far, this was the first vegan/vegetarian item I have not liked!
Yummy yummy dinner
After a dessert I try to keep busy doing things so I don't mindlessly eat. I'm going to bed early tonight so I can wake up early for more Insanity. Tomorrow is Pure Cardio and Cardio Recovery. I may add in some Cardio Abs too. So it will be an early morning!! 

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