Saturday, February 9, 2013

Super Saturday

Hey Blog Readers (if any of you actually exist and don't just happen upon my blog by accident and back away slowly ;)!! Also I apologize for the Post title I'm obsessed with alliteration apparently. (Sorry again!)

I hope your Saturday is full of fun and excitement!!!

Mine, is not so full of excitement. I have a day of research/laziness/a little shopping then babysitting tonight! But first I have an Exercise Video Review for you.

 Jillian Michaels: No More Trouble Zones!

I have to admit I was slightly skeptical of this video. After having done Insanity for a few months I was thinking that this workout was going to be a breeze.

All you need for the workout is a mat 

And Condiments. Ok. You needed weights. Which I did not have. BUT I didn't want to put off the workout till I could go and get some later (hence the shopping trip).

So I jumbled through my cabinets and these are the two products that I weighed about the same 1.5 lbs (though I would have preferred three pounds) and were easy to hold. Thus they became part of my routine! :)

UPDATE: Went to WallyWorld and they had NO free weights under 20 lbs and over 1 lb. I was very sad. I will look again soon!!

Now on to the workout, she started out with a 5 minute workout, then a 40 minute set of circuit training. 5 moves repeated two times through. I have to say, though I know I didn't burn as many calories as I do in Insanity workouts because of the less intense pace of the whole workout I was definitely feeling the burn!

I feel as though she definitely targeted places that often get ignored or not worked out properly. I feel sore and I was definitely challenged during the workout! I will definitely be doing this one again and I will definitely invest in more of her DVDs!

SOOOOOO on to my beautiful beautiful new purse. I come from a hardworking family. We always had what we needed growing up but not always what we wanted, but we were extremely lucky to have two parents that loved each other and us. 

I have been looking for a good quality purse to switch in and out with my other purse I got from DSW which I loved. I found out that Kate Spade was having a secret sale and when I looked I fell in love. I never expected to be an owner of a Kate Spade purse (well until my college AND law school loans are paid off haha) but since I've been babysitting so much I felt like I deserved it. And its such high quality I know it will last forever.

What do you think of my new bag??

Do you own any designer goods??

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