Tuesday, February 5, 2013

And Finally... Wasting Away in Margaritaville

So as I promised, the following is a post about my cruise.

Day 1:
We arrived on the Carnival Cruise Ship Conquest just in time for checking our bags and being able to walk around the ship to get acquainted with our home for the next seven days.

But before that I have an honest opinion about the Check-In process. When we got to the dock, in New Orleans we had no idea what to do with our bags. I felt that they needed to have more signs saying what to do. There were none we could find. Thankfully someone who had traveled before on a cruise told us that we have to give them to someone that was in a Hawaiian shirt. 

This was one of those moments where I thought “Hmm… Hopefully this is the right person, and our bags won’t get stolen!!” But thankfully it was, and we then went and joined a line. 

As we waited, after making our way through the ‘security’ checkpoint we finally made our way to the front when a manager came over and asked us to step aside because we needed to be checked by a drug sniffing dog since we had to change a person 2 days before the cruise. I would like to say that I did not appreciate this, and that also we did have to change someone, but it was 3 days before the ship sailed and not 2. So that was annoying. Also, I did not appreciate feeling like a criminal. Once we were sniffed by the dog, we were then taken to the “VIP LOUNGE” like this would make us forget. Ugh. It didn’t. 

Anyway, once we got on the ship, we asked someone where to go, and I thought we were kinda rudely answered. 

Don’t worry though. This post will get better. We had a great time! This is just my honest opinion about the ship and the cruise.

Once we found our way to our room we were then asked to go to the required safety lesson. 

After this we found the ice cream machine and then got ready for dinner. 

Dinner on board was amazing, and we were extremely pleased with our waiter and our other servers.

Our steward Moe was also great!
Our first dinner on board!

Me and Uncle Van!

Day 2:
Day 2 was a day we were on sea, and the ship had a lot of things to do and entertainment throughout the day, but we were excited to go lay out and get some sun!

We ate lunch at the buffet, it was quite delicious. The dessert bar was heavenly! So many choices to choose from, and I'm a huge fan of dessert, so I was so excited to try a bite of different things!
Beautiful View

Dinner was in the dining room and it was delicious as well!

Here Comes The Sun!!

Our Fun Times and Our First Towel Animal! CUTE!

Nothing better then sunbathing!

View from the upper deck!

The Slide!!
Hot Tubs!

Uncle Van's Bunk-Bed above ours!

Sisters! :)

Silly Destin and Van!


Sisterly Love!

Beautiful Girls

View above our dining room!
Lounge where we saw the funniest comedian!

Strike A Pose!

Fun Times On Board

Our Elephant Towel Animal!

Day 3:
Another day at sea. I liked these days. I found them relaxing and exciting. Fun activities all day long. Swimming in the pools. Laying out on the decks. Sun. It was so very much fun! I would give anything to have another of these days (said as I’m looking out at drizzling rain. Yuck) 

Day 2 at dinner my sister and friend Destin started to feel sea sick. We were hitting some rough seas and they were feeling it. Luckily, I did not feel anything. They made sure to take medicine before going to dinner and we ate at the buffet that night.

Day 4: 
This was our first port, Montego Bay, Jamaica. This was our first experience with docking and having to get off the ship, and again I felt they could have more signs and more directions. While our Fun Times (The daily schedule) were great, it was often inadequate to fully explain the procedures and common FAQs.

Montego Bay was definitely not what I expected. We got off the ship and decided to walk around a little.

We took a left and walked until we decided that we had walked enough and got a cab to take us to Margaritaville. It was the first day that Margaritaville had been opened since Jamaica had been hit by Hurricane Sandy. They were still painting the slide, so we were unable to slide down it, which we had really been looking forward to.

We decided to take a ride in a glass bottom boat and went snorkeling on a reef. It was so beautiful and serene. I seriously felt so blessed being down there and looking at God’s work.


Our Ship from the Jamaica

Ready for Jamaica!

View of the port!

Singers in front of the port!





Margaritaville Take II

The Slide!


My Little Sister's First Drink!

Beautiful view!


Snorkeling Take II

The Glassbottom Boat

Christmas in Jamaica!
Center of Town had a Christmas Tree!

So pretty!

Margaritaville :)

Day 5:
This was the day we went to the Cayman Islands. This little island proved to be difficult to get to.

Since the Island did not have a dock big enough for our ship, we had to take a smaller boat from our ship to the dock. The process was not described well and we were stressed out about the whole situation.

Luckily, we eventually got to the island.

Again we decided to walk to a beach, but we were unaware of how far away the beaches were so we ended up hailing a cab again to take us.

The water was the prettiest water I had ever seen. It looked turquoise it was so pretty. You could see clear to the bottom, which was quite lucky since there were sea urchins all over.

Our ship was sooooo big!


The Turquoise Water!

Day 6:
This was the day we made it to Cozumel, Mexico. We had planned on shopping in Mexico so we just decided to have our free margaritas (thanks Destin who found the tickets online!) and hit the shopping.

Shopping in Mexico was quite fun. My sister, Lindsey (Linz for future references) was amazing at it. She haggled her way through so many of our purchase, we definitely owed her some money! :)

We got lots of things: vanilla, chocolate, sunglasses, shirts, and bracelets. 

The people in Mexico were quite nice. For lunch we decided we wanted to try real Mexican food! I forgot to take a picture BUT I got chicken and steak fajitas. They were quite delicious.

Unlike in our restaurants they do not bring out chips and salsa, they brought out guacamole with Pico de Gallo mixed in it. I’m not a big fan of guacamole, but I decided to venture out and try it. It was delicious!!! I ate so much of it!!! YUMMY!!
It was so windy!

Pretty water!


Horse and Carriage


Our ship!

Frog Towel Buddy!


View from the glass elevator!

Tequila Night on the Lido Deck!


Gorgeous Girls!

Sisterly love!

Silly time! (Maybe too much tequila ha)

We loved our towel buddies! :) 

Oh Carnival Conquest!

Day 7:
Return day. This was our last day at sea and on the ship. 
Unfortunately the wind was so cold we were unable to lay out, so we mainly hung out in the hotel room and rested. 

It had been an adventure filled week!

All of us with our steward Moe! :)

Our Dining Room-Monet

Us with our Waiter!

Towel dance!

Our Assistant Waiter! :)


Have you ever been on a cruise? If so where did you go?

If you could take a cruise anywhere, where would you choose? I think I would take a European cruise that stopped in Greece!

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