Sunday, February 17, 2013

Live Fit: Phase 1 Day 7

Today has been a busy day!

Last night I was the DD for my fabulous friends and we all had a great time at the masquerade ball! Everyone looked lovely and we even got to eat yummy southern food at one of my favorite restaurants in town! Yummy cheat meal! :)

I was up late and so I slept in till almost 9:30. It felt great! I got up ran to the gym and completed Day 7!

I have to say this was a tough one! :) I tried to use 8 lb weights after using 5 and I was only able to do 1 set before going back! But hey, 1 set is better then none! Its crazy to me seeing those huge guys lift 50 lb weights like they're nothing! 

Meals today were kinda all over the place since I slept in so late I ended up eating at 5:30 then 6:30. 

Today was another meal prep day: grilled chicken breast, brown rice, turkey muffins, cinnamon swirl protein muffins, cut and chopped veggies, salad, and cleaning. Lots of cleaning but I'm still not done! I need to vacuum my bedroom. Oh the joys of having a long haired dog! Haha!

I also got some work done on my paper and I looked up a ton of law journals to send the article to! Hopefully one of them will publish me!

If you want to read my paper feel free to download it at A Child Is Not A Commodity! I'd really appreciate any downloads! I'm trying to get it published and if looks like its a really happening topic that might help!

Off to bed!

How was your Sunday?
Do you meal prep and clean on Sunday?

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