Saturday, February 16, 2013

Live Fit: Phase 1 Day 6

Tonight I am excited about dinner with friends and then a Masquerade Ball! It should be a fun day! :) 

All my friends are wearing long dresses (I'm wearing a short dress- either this one: Dress or the one I wore at prom. Yes. Prom. 

I'm the 4th from the right. SHHH!!! Don't tell anyone I'm not a natural blonde! ;)
Haha, but hey I love that dress! I think it'll depend on how I'm feeling when the time to put it on comes! 

Here's today's plan. I decided to repeat chest and the tricep exercise because I've been working on my pushups! I'm excited for the Shoulder and Abs workout tomorrow!


Hope you have a great Saturday!

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