Friday, February 15, 2013

Fabulously Fit Friday: Phase 1 Review

Hey guys! As I said earlier I am going to post a little more about my daily Jamie Eason's Live FIt Program.

Day 1 started bright and early Monday morning. No one should be awake at 5 in the morning BUT I happily got up, grabbed my two lightly salted rice cakes and a hot cup of tea (thanks to Mr. Coffee delayed brew setting) walked Leo then head to the gym. I was extremely surprised by how many people were in the gym that early. It was quite busy, I even had to wait to do some of the machines. :( Oh well! I still got them done!!

I have to say I was kinda scared about only doing weight training. Its extremely intimidating for a girl who usually sticks to exercise classes, and the treadmill. Maybe the elliptical if I'm feeling CRAZY. Haha. Anyway, I watched the videos explaining the exercise moves a zillion times till I felt like I knew what I was doing. And I think I did it fairly right. I'm sure my form wasn't perfect but hey, I didn't hurt myself and I'll get better over time!!

I followed my diet plan pretty much to the letter, BUT I did end up eating the pumpkin muffins after I took the baby to Kindermusik instead of at 2. I should have thought about that when I was planning. But 'it happens! ;)

Day 2 started pretty early, but since I don't have to be at the school till 8 (well actually my class doesn't start until 9:30 but with the crazy parking problem at our school I like getting there at 8 and knowing I"m going to have a parking spot AND having time to get some homework done) I decided to start a little later this morning (my 18 year old self just went wait 5:30 is late?!?!) and did some yoga. I grabbed half a banana, drank some tea while walking Leo then I started the yoga DVD.

I've had this video for a while and it was a nice good stretch. I was impressed by the first session, and I was excited to try the others later in the week!

Day 3 started out super early again. I walked Leo, I grabbed half a protein bar (the last of my Cliff Bar Holiday edition- Iced Gingerbread- sooooo goooooood) and some tea and ran out the door. Once I got to the gym I started with a ten minute warm up on the treadmill, nothing too hard just to get myself to wake up and my muscles warm.

Then I proceeded through the workout with my little chart in hand. There were a lot of exercises on the list I had never ever done before. Some I didn't even know existed. Standing Bicep Cable Curl? WTF? Again I had to watch all the videos and learn the moves. Time went by really quickly, the gym was even less crowded which was nice! I cooled down on the tread mill with a ten minute walk and then headed home to make a protein shake and jump in the shower.

Day 4 I woke up nice and late- 6:30! I then got dressed for class and planned on working out after my last class of the day- which was 12:20. I drove to the gym, got changed and proceeded to do the leg workout.

My gym did not have the machine shown in the videos to do the Standing Calf Raises or the Seated Calf Raises (I swear I looked everywhere!) So I just grabbed a long weight and put it across my shoulders behind my neck and did my best to improvise. I did my best! :) Thats all I can do, I'm trying my best to do the whole workout schedule, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do!

I had heard that the leg workout make you ravenous, but I had not really expected it! I was starving when I got out of the gym and drove home to make myself a bowl of cottage cheese and apples. This was my first time trying cottage cheese and I gotta say, its ugly. But with some cinnamon and a pink lady apple, it was delicious! After taking Leo for a walk, I was already hungry for dinner. I ended up eating two large salads with my last meal!!

I also have to admit that I haven't been eating the egg whites that I have on my schedule for 8ish; 9 ish. I tend to be in bed and I get indigestion when I eat too late! I did have a nice piece of milk chocolate in honor of it being Valentines Day! Or as I like to think of it: National Single Awareness Day!

Day 5 started out waking up a little late. I just kept pushing my snooze button (which I'm usually good about NOT doing, it just delays things and its a personal pet peeve of mine, but hey sometimes you're just sleepy). I woke up and did the second yoga video on the DVD Power Yoga, it felt AMAZING. I love yoga because it makes my muscles feel less tense and tight.

I ended up running late for my nanny family (five whole minutes, they didn't mind!) but I ended up not even straightening my hair for the first time in like ever that I've worn it down without it being straightened. I have to say, it still looks pretty good!

What do you think?!

The baby and I went grocery shopping (and I managed to spend 50 bucks in Kroger! Thats the lowest its been in forever!!) drove to my house and unloaded the groceries. Went to the park, came home made lunch for him (mac and cheese- JEALOUS; turkey muffins for me- quite delicious) I had planned on eating my pumpkin muffins on the go but I ended up forgetting them and having to wait till I got back to his home so I decided to just and eat them later, then it was nap time for him! Busy day! :)

Overall I'm loving the program. I haven't seen any results. Down about a lb. but I attribute that to just water weight. I'm feeling muscles sore that are usually not and I feel like my metabolism is getting better (because I'm starving by the time my alarm gets off!)

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