Friday, February 8, 2013

Fabulously Fit Friday 1

Good Morning Blogging World!

Today's Fabulous Fit Friday Topic is INSANITY


So if you've been reading my blog for a while you know that I've been doing Insanity for a while now. I did it for the whole program once through and now I'm using it as a substitute for going to they gym on days where its easier to workout at home.

My view of the product is that its an AMAZING workout.

I'm going to go through each exercise video and give my opinion.

Fit Test
Ok, this is my least favorite video. I actually have only done it once but I've watched it twice. Tonya gets on my last nerve. Just. Saying. And I think she cheats. Ha :)

Plyometrics Cardio Circuit
Plyo Cardio Circuit is the first real workout of the Insanity series and it is no easy introduction. It lasts about 45 minutes with the stretching and the warm up. Oh the warm up. By the time you're done you will be breaking a sweat. I always wonder wait... this was just to get my muscles warm? Ugh oh...

The actual workout is a killer. Take advantages of any of the water breaks. Keep breathing and never sacrifice form. I try not to look at the clock/timer, I just try to focus on the move I'm doing and keep pushing till Shaun T. moves on to the next one.

Cardio Power and Resistance
This is one of the easier of the workout videos. Same warm up as usual, keep going and breathing. Don't sacrifice form ever. No need to get hurt!

The actual workout is pretty much comprised of two sets of workouts. Each time through about two minutes then a break repeated three times. Just when you think you've finished the last set, you do NOT get a rest, you get one more minute of a workout before your final stretch. Push it!

Cardio Recovery
This workout is about thirty minutes and its not much of a recovery. It consists of a set of plank workouts followed by a little stretching then squats. I do not like squats. Haha, but I push through them and focus on the move.

The squats are followed by lunges and then some oblique work. Again, this is no real recovery, it just seems to be slower moves that are focusing on building muscles that may be slightly ignored in the other work out videos.

Pure Cardio
Pure cardio is a KILLER workout. About ten minutes of stretching (broken up into two sections like the other videos) followed by around 20 minutes of pure cardio power. Ugh. Exhausted just thinking about this video. There really are no breaks throughout the cardio section, but if you need a break (and I need several) during the workout TAKE THEM. :) Never sacrifice your body just to keep going.

Its seriously one of the hardest workouts I've ever done and I feel super accomplished when I finish it.

Max Interval Circuit
This is the very first exercise video of the second part of the series. Month Two of craziness. It is about sixty minutes long and it is killer. How I make it through this workout each week is a miracle and shows my stubborness.

My favorite part of the work out is when Shaun T states "I love killing people." Sadist. Ha :) But I must be a massochist because its my go to workout for when I have an hour and want to kick my own butt! :)

Max Interval Plyo
This video is just like the others, you start out with a warm up followed by a stretch then you go on to the work out.

The actual workout consists of 3-4 moves that last about 45 seconds each then you get a break where you completely stop then repeat the set two more times (with a break in between each).

I did this workout this morning, its extremely tough but I like the exercises though I HATE power jumps. They get my heart rate up though, which I'm sure is their point!!

Max Cardio Conditioning
This workout is about 45 minutes of extreme insanity. This workout begins and ends like the others, warm up, stretch, then CARDIO workout then stretch. Its extremely tough and you will feel exhausated when you're done with it.

Max Cardio Recovery
This is a great stretching workout. To call it recovery, like the other recovery video is a bit of a stretch BUT its a great way to get a good stretch after beating up your body all week.

It consists of a lot of planks, and a lot of lunges.

Core Cardio and Balance
Core Cardio and Balance incorporates a lot of moves we've already learned in other workouts but combines them. Some of my favorites are in here: hit the floor, jump squats, hip flexor burners.

Oh man towards the end of the workout you do shoulder plies. Get. Ready. To. Feel. The. Burn!

Love this workout!

Cardio Abs
This is a 15 minute small workout that focuses on the abs. The great thing about it is there are no sit ups! The bad thing (but still good thing) you're still going to FEEL THE BURN!!

I like this workout, I tend to add it in on days I just don't feel like doing anything else. I know I'm at least going to get my heart rate up and feel the burn and I can ALWAYS find 15 minutes for a workout. I usually have no good excuses for NOT being able to find 15 minutes for a workout!

*This is my review of the entire Insanity series, I am starting the Live Fit program next week, so look ready for an overview of the entire week for next week's Fabulous Fit Friday!

**I am not a fitness expert, and I do not claim to be, I'm just a student and a workout participator. Consult your doctor before starting an exercise regime. 

What are your favorite workout tapes?

Do you have any you want to try out? I'm also interested in trying the P90x series!!

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