Sunday, November 11, 2012

Weekend Roundup

So this weekend has been pretty busy and fun.

When I started my journey last month into vegetarianism I had an old teacher from my undergraduate studies that lived in Memphis offer to take me to a vegetarian or vegan restaurant in Memphis. I was super busy all month so I didn't get to go, but I asked her if the offer was still good last week and she agreed to meet up with me on Saturday.

There were several options available but when she said there was a vegan diner style restaurant I was sold!

The restaurant is called Imagine and it was in Midtown.

Breakfast before I went

The restaurant:

The Menu was huge!

I forgot to take a picture of the actual meal, but I want to describe it because it was so amazing. It was a vegetarian take on Memphis BBQ with a sweet tangy sauce on a whole grain roll. It was accompanied with french fries and baked beans. Oh my goodness it was delicious! For starters, we had the vegan appetizer starter that had fried calamari, chicken nuggets, buffalo wings, hushpuppies, and corndogs. There was a lot of fried things, but it was delicious!!!

I will definitely go back and take friends!

After the amazing lunch, I stopped by Whole Foods and picked up a few things that are harder to find in town. I had to babysit so I picked up a salad from the salad bar and some hot food from the hot bar for Sunday dinner.

My teacher treated me to a slice of vegan chocolate cake that I had along with my salad that night. It was beyond believable! I wanted to lick the plate (and I may have haha).

Breakfast this morning was a bowl of cereal and a banana.
Lunch was a couple squares of pizza from the church where I went to a Discovery Meeting to learn more about becoming a member. Then when I got home I had a salad to go with it.

Dinner was from the hot bar and included my first time eating both couscous and quinoa. They were both delicious. Also there is some general tso 'chicken' some penne pasta, broccoli and some cheesy squash casserole. I had a side of some green beans and a slice of toast. I was much impressed! Everything was delicious! Especially the squash and the 'chicken!'

I have some work to do on a paper, and an outline, then I'm out for the night. Early Insanity workout tomorrow! :)

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