Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day Tuesday

So today, as I'm sure you know was election day. As a law student it was a little crazy, everyone voicing their opinions pretty loudly ha!

Well I started out waking up super early for an Insanity workout, it was another 55 minutes of intensity. I was exhausted by the time I was done, and still sore after yesterday. I am kinda NOT looking forward to waking up tomorrow for the next day, haha. BUT the only work out you regret, is the one you DON'T do, so I will get my butt up and do it!

Breakfast was my standard fare of a Green Smoothie. In this one, I had a small frozen banana, plain Chobani greek yogurt, 3/4 of a small pear, spinach, water, and a packet of stevia. Mighty delicious!

Lunch went unpictured, because I forgot but it consisted of a spinach and artichoke dip Lean Cuisine and some chips and salsa. I was in a dipping, snacky mood. That was the first time I had that dip and I have to say, It was DELICIOUS! Definitely plan on taking that again next week!

Like I said yesterday, dinner was in the crockpot. I love arriving home and having dinner ready for me! You may not get too many pictures of dinner, because as you can see, its going to be repetitive the next few days! I definitely froze two portions, BUT that leaves 3 to eat the rest of the week. Since I'm babysitting a lot, it makes it easy to just pick it up on the run and go!

My final dinner consisted of the pork roast, potatoes, carrots, green beans and 2 (though only one slice is pictured) slices of bread! I definitely need to add more carrots next time, and maybe some broccoli or cauliflower. Or both. After my vegetarian month, I'm definitely loving the veggies. 

After dinner I had some desert, an apple and half a container of Arctic Zero Mint Chocolate Cookie frozen treat (I refuse to call it ice cream) when I first tried it I was not impressed. I was expecting ice cream, and it was NOT ice cream. But now that I know what to expect I really like it! Its expensive though so I do not try to buy it very often, though after all the babysitting I'm doing this week, I may invest in another tub!

After my snack, I had some decaf green tea while watching the debate results. I hope you got out and voted! 

I just noticed Leo in the background! :) He's such a pretty boy!

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