Friday, November 2, 2012

Thankful November

So November 1st was the first day I could eat meat, but I went all day without doing so. I felt no need. I see myself eating from now on 80/20. When I go out to eat and I want a steak, I'll get a steak, but the majority of the time, I plan on continuing with not eating meat every single day. 

Today started with being able to sleep in, and after two nights in a row of being out way past my normal bedtime it was needed. I woke up and did the Insanity workout and then showered and made a green smoothie. Because it was late, I added a banana and a half to this smoothie. It was both my breakfast and my snack. Also a mug of green tea for later!

Lunch consisted of the same thing I've been eating all week. Vegetarian turkey meat on a roll with carrots and grapes.

Dinner was the leftover fajita vegetables from Monday, they had to be eaten then or they would have to be thrown away. I added salad mix to them and salsa, along with a side of chips and salsa. It was delicious. 

Dessert was an apple and half a Hershey's Air Chocolate bar. I was extremely satisfied with this chocolate bar. It was delicious. I've been having dark chocolate a lot, and in the Halloween spirit, since I was good and ate no candy yesterday (due to the massive order of cheesesticks I ate) I had some milk chocolate to celebrate. SOOOOO good!

I forgot to post my Halloween costume yesterday, but here I am with Joan Holloway from Madmen... Know who I am?

Taylor Swift!! I am actually a huge fan of hers and I loved the costume! BUT only one person got it right the whole night, haha! :)

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