Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Movember Monday

So Monday started out with getting up early to do the insanity workout. Today it was Max Interval Circuit. Oh. My. Goodness. It was 55 minutes of Hell. I thought I was in shape, I was wrong. This 55 minute workout kicked my butt. I walked around all day very sore.

Breakfast was a toasted fiber-full English Muffin with strawberry fiber jam. Grits and eggs (spinach and cheese) and a banana. It was super delicious, and very filling.

After breakfast I went to babysit. I think the time change affected the baby, because she would take short cat naps but then be wide awake. It was a long morning, but I really do enjoy babysitting so much!

Lunch was a pb&j sandwich and cheetohs and grapes. It was good. After babysitting I went to class, where our teacher told us he was going to let us out early because he was under the weather. Well after 45 minutes he gave us a break, then proceeded to continue on with the lesson. We got out a full five minutes early. What a tease. :( 

After class I had to babysit again around dinner time, and I planned on taking Leo on a long walk but it was cold and raining so we just took a quick stroll around our neighborhood. Before babysitting, I ran to the farmers market to pick up a bar of the Equal Exchange dark chocolate bar for my friend who loves dark chocolate, but prefers 90% and they only had 71%, though they told me they were ordering more of the 80% but had sold out. I think she'll enjoy it, even though its a little less strong then she wanted. I was never a fan of dark chocolate, but its slowly growing on me, though I don't know if I will every enjoy the 90% variety. :) Whatever works!!

This chocolate is amazing though! I love it, and would encourage you to buy it whenever possible! I love that its all about fair trade and organic!

After babysitting for a few hours I ran home and heated up some pasta I had frozen. It was delicious. I definitely prefer reheating home cooked meals, rather then having frozen dinners where I don't know all of the ingredients. HOWEVER, I still don't mind occasionally having them, in fact, I have plans to eat one tomorrow for lunch. 

I also plan on cooking my first NON vegetarian meal in a month tomorrow. Well, cooking might be a stretch. I plan on sticking a pork roast and veggies in the crockpot so it'll be ready when I made it home that night!

Either way, it'll be delicious. I've made a plan to eat 80% of the time vegetarian and 20% of the time I'll eat carnivorously. When I eat meat, I also hope to try and always eat grass-fed beef and hormone free, free range chicken and pork. However, before I can do that, I need to clean out my freezer's stock pile of meat, which since it is just me, is not very much but over the next couple months I plan on eating it then replacing it with the better more organic ingredients. 

Also, tomorrow is election day, no matter what go out and vote! I don't get one of those handy dandy stickers because I voted absentee but I encourage you to vote! Show your voice! 

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