Saturday, November 3, 2012

Its Friday! :)

The day started out interesting. I woke up early to do Insanity. Beforehand I take Leo out for a walk, and I accidentally locked myself out. I live in a duplex so I have a neighbor, but I know how busy she is and all so I waited for about thirty minutes walking Leo around outside before knocking on her door. Thankfully I was able to gain entry and warm myself up with some grits and eggs and toast and a banana. I know I eat this breakfast a lot, its so easy for me and its delicious.

After babysitting I ate my regular lunch of this week. A vegetarian turkey sandwich and cheetohs and carrots and some grapes. As always, it was so yummy!

Dinner was with my Bestie and my friend who was a sorority sister of mine. She's going to be close to town more now that she has an internship at a hospital. She's in medical school and I'm so proud of her! She's going to be a great doctor!

Dinner was at her favorite restaurant that she had missed the most. Ajax. Its country cooking and I was thrilled with my first non-vegetarian meal in a month. I had green beans with bacon, mashed potatoes and country fried steak. It was so good!! :) I forgot to take a picture until I was finished, but you can see that there wasn't much leftover!

So I've decided that while I am a huge fan of vegetarians and I applaud their choice to live that way, its just not going to be for me all the time. BUT I loved the way I felt as a vegetarian and I now have plans to follow a kind of 80/20 rule. 80 percent of the time I will eat vegetarian, while the other 20 percent I will eat meat. When I go out to eat with friends and I want a steak. I will eat a steak. 

I also plan on eating as organic and as much hormone free chicken and grass-fed beef as possible when I do eat meat. Though it costs more, I think its better for our bodies. Although I do have a freezer full of not so good meat that needs to be eaten too. I think life is all about balance! And I'm just doing the best I can!

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