Thursday, November 8, 2012

Happy Humpday!

Today was a pretty good day, I started out with another Insanity workout. This is such a killer week! WOW!! :) I'm feeling the burn!

Breakfast was my version of a Egg McMuffin- an English Muffin, strawberry jam, egg whites and a square of laughing cow cheese. YUMMY! It was accompanied with a greek yogurt and a little bit of granola!

Lunch was some more cereal and a banana. It was delicious, but not very filling for lunch. I should've added another fruit or something. Like grapes. It was fine though, I ended up eating my afternoon snack a little early! :)

Dinner as I said, would be repeated all weak, but I did remember to take a picture. Delicious and filling. I had to eat early because I had to babysit, but I grabbed an banana and some almond butter as a snack while we watched Little Mermaids. 

So some exciting news: I'm going on a cruise in December. From December 16-23, stops in Cozumel, Jamaica, and the Cayman Islands. I'm going with a friend and my sister and my brother. Its our Christmas present from our parents and we are super excited! I CANNOT WAIT for some relaxation! Sun! Fun!! 

So after babysitting last night I was on the phone trying to figure out the details from my sister. If anyone is reading and has any tips for us I would love to hear them!!

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