Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Marvelous Monday

Monday started out with an Insanity workout then a quick walk with Leo. These work outs. They are kicking my butt. In as good a way as possible haha. 

After a shower, I had breakfast of pumpkin spice toast, which I had frozen (I've never frozen bread before- but I decided to try it before the bed went bad) once it was toasted it was delicious! Definitely something I may do again, before the holiday flavors go away! Alongside the toast was some cheese grits and egg whites and spinach and a banana. I love that the picture looks kinda like a smiley face.

Lunch was cereal and grapes. I enjoyed it immensely but forgot to take a picture!

After class I went to the gym for a little while, I enjoy loosening my muscles up, because I feel like they get so tense after Insanity, doing some light walking while watching bad television keeps me feeling good. :) 

So for dinner I had bought some Shirataki noodles at Whole Foods because they were on sale. I was excited to give them a try: the whole bag was 40 calories! I prepared them exactly as they said to. I did notice a slight fishy smell, but I tried not to think about it so I wouldn't psyche myself out about trying them. I made a pasta sauce with Whole Foods Italian Herb Pasta Sauce and brussel sprouts and cherry tomatoes sliced in to add some bulk. I was excited to sit down with my slice of garlic cheese bread and green beans. But it was the weirdest texture I had ever eaten. It was like rubber and I couldn't finish more then two bites. So I finished my sides and ate another big bowl of cereal. Eek. Well, now I can say I tried!

This next week is going to be crazy with Thanksgiving break coming and finals looming overhead, but I'm going to try and find time every day (or as early the next day as possible) to blog. :) 

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