Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What IS Healthy?

What it means to be healthy is something I feel a constant struggle with. Although the word healthy is in my blog title, I do not think I am by any means the epitome of health. I do not think I always 100% of the time make healthy choices.

Yesterday a friend said to me "I think you're the healthiest person I know." To which I replied "No, I'm not that healthy!" And another friend replied "Yes, we ate ICE CREAM Sunday the real stuff! Not just froyo. Ben and Jerrys!" The first friend replied "Oh!"


It seemed to me that she seemed relieved to hear that I make unhealthy choices. I do try to have a vegetable at every single meal. I try to choose fruit over carb heavy snack packs. BUT I'm not perfect. Sometimes a 100 calorie pack of cheetos is more satisfying to me then a pear. And sometimes full fat ice cream (caramel chocolate chunk and chocolate brownie for anyone wondering) is what a person needs.

To fully force healthy foods on yourself every single day. Every single meal. Is not healthy to me. I think the body needs indulgences. I think a person deserves to eat a treat every once in a while. That is healthy to me.

Now I want to confess something. I fell off the Jamie Eason Live Fit Bandwagon. I loved it. I felt a difference in my body and I felt stronger. But its a tough program to follow everyday. And I'm just a law student. How people with children do it I'll never know!! I will probably try it again! I will probably fail again (haha) but right now I'm trying to focus on finishing up a paper and losing those last couple of pounds. 3 more. Then toning by using some of the tricks I learned in her program!

Seriously that girl knows what she is doing. Head over to Jamie Eason's Live Fit Program to look at it for yourself. And if you try it out I'd love to hear about your results!

Now off to finish my paper!

What does healthy mean to you?
Are indulgences part of a healthy lifestyle?

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