Monday, March 4, 2013

Live Fit Phase 1 Day 22

I cannot believe I'm already starting Week Four of Jamie Eason's Live Fit Training! So far I'm not seeing a super crazy amount of muscle definition, but I really do think its coming and I can feel this tightness in my muscles that was not there before! So thats exciting (and maybe just a little weird ha).

Today I am babysitting all day, just like normal, and I have just been unable to get out of bed early enough to get my workout in during the morning, so I've been going after work. I hate how crowded the gym is then but I just enjoy sleeping in more haha. I think that the next two days in a row will be my rest days with just some good yoga stretching. I have a long day of classes tomorrow then I have another babysitting job after my normal babysitting job Wednesday. Yes that means I'll be sitting from 7:30-4:30; 6:30-9:30. :) Its a good thing I LOVE kids!!

Yesterday I went on a mission to sign up for Sams Club (membership fee is $40.00 but did you know as a student you get a $15.00 gift card!) I am going home this coming Saturday, so I didn't really need anything but I wanted to have a day where I looked through all that they had and I wrote down prices to look and see how I can take advantage of it to save some money in the future! I did buy a mega box of the Fiber One Protein Bars I'm loving for $9.98 and some yogurt granola bites that I thought would be good to take home with me, for a quick sweet protein fix. I think they were 9.98 as well!

Part of my mission was to find my dad a gift for his birthday which is tomorrow! Don't tell him but I got him a Visa gift card so he could take my Mom out to dinner. I knew how much he loved that last year, so I made sure this time to find a reloadable one! :)

And of course I checked out Target, but the one I went to is so much smaller then the one I like going to in Memphis! Oh well! I still managed to buy several things! Surprise, surprise!

Here's the plan for today:

Any new workout plans for you guys out there?

Do you have any great easy protein bites that you make? I'd love a new recipe!

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