Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Live Fit: Phase 1 Day 23

Hey everyone! Just checking in to give you my eating and workout plans for the day. No workout really planned I just woke up and did some nice yoga this morning! It felt so great!

I was also excited to wake up and it was nice and warm outside! 50 degrees!! :) I'm so ready for spring time!

Here's the plan:

I have class till around 6 so its going to be a long day! I also finally got my new glasses in! They're really cute! I feel like a hipster! So they're perfect! ;)

Any new shipments come in for you?

What does the term hipster mean to you? To me it means someone who is ok with being cool with buying all the popular things even though they're popular. But I think thats just wishful thinking.

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