Friday, March 8, 2013

Live Fit: Phase 1 Day 26

So yesterday I headed to the gym after a day of classes and filling out applications (keep your fingers crossed I get into the Child Advocacy Clinic at the school!). I was doing my very first move after a quick warm up on the treadmill when one of the trainers came over and corrected my form.

I was extremely embarrassed mainly because here I am trying to copy a move that I usually do on one of those handy idiot proof machines, that was currently being used by someone. But then I got over myself. Smiled listened to him, I still didn't get what he said, so he showed me... OOOOHHHH. I get it now. He then smiled and offered to give me a free session. Thank. You. Sign me up! :)

I am slightly embarrassed when I go into the weight room and try these moves from the Jamie Eason Live Fit Program. I watch the videos that show the moves about a hundred times, but sometimes I forget and I'm sure that everyone is watching and knows that I have no clue what I'm doing. BUT I really appreciate that he helped me and offered me more help! I really am trying and I think thats the important thing!

I know the embarrassment mainly came from being completely hormonal (sorry TMI) but again I'm not perfect, and I have to let myself be NOT perfect without freaking out about it! Thats hard for me (perfectionist!).

So here's the plan for today after babysitting:

Have you ever been helped at the gym?

Do you have a trainer?

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