Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday III

These are my 'eats' over the past couple of weeks (when I remember to take pictures- as you can see I tend to remember in the mornings but then forget by lunch! haha)


Lots of yogurt bowls. With some sort of greek yogurt + cereal + banana combo.

Lots of ezekial or light wheat bread toast. Eggs and spinach and bananas. Sometimes an apple instead.


Lots of protein bars, carrot muffins, pumpkin muffins and fruit.

For my reviews of the bar see the Product Reviews on the top of the page!


Chicken with sweet potatoes.

Tuna packets (sometimes canned chicken) with light mayo + mustard + relish. Carb of light tortilla and veggies!


Salads with sandwiches have been a staple. (Sandwich of grilled cheese or sliced chicken)
Veggies and pasta- ground turkey +tomato sauce + sliced cherry tomatoes + spinach + whole grain penne.

What are your go to eats?

Do you meal plan in order to keep your healthy eating goals?

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