Saturday, March 30, 2013

Insatiable Saturday

I don't know what it its about today but I have been STARVING since I woke up. I ate my usual meal and ten minutes after that I was starving again! Frustration.

I just ate lunch and am about to inhale some h2o to see if that helps! If not I may be fixing myself a third snack of the day, and there's nothing wrong with that (haha!)

Today is a yucky rainy day. I still managed to get out of the house and go to the gym (points for me!) and then go to walmart to pick up some weights and a folder. 60 dollars later I'm back at home and ready to go take a quick shower and then get everything ready to babysit tonight.

Treat my nanny family gave me! Love them so much!! :)

So lastly, I wanted to state my frustration about my weight. I know that there are people who would roll their eyes at my 'bitching' but it just seems frustrating that I just seem stuck at this number. AND then I get frustrated at myself for being so focused on this stupid 'number.' I also recognize it could get dangerous, because of my perfectionist Type A personality, so I'm going to stop freaking out about it so much. Enjoy the number that I'm at: 133 (I'm only 5'4) and not be so stressed out about it! 

AND enjoy the box of goodies my mom is sending to me next week haha!

Happy Easter to you all if I don't have another topic to blog about before tomorrow!!

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