Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What I'm Eating Wednesday

I got the idea for this type of post from The Lean Green Bean and I will go on to list the foods I've been eating this week with pictures if I have them. 

Eek. I need to remember to take pictures!

Typical Green Smoothie

For breakfast I've been having my green smoothie: frozen banana, spinach, greek yogurt, one packet of stevia for sweetness, water, strawberries. So yummy.

I forgot to take a picture till I was half way done!
For lunch the past few days has been a pretty repetitive lunch. Sliced deli turkey on either a whole wheat wrap or on whole wheat bread. A side of pickles and either whole grain goldfish or tortilla chips.

SO yummy. I am so lucky that I don't get sick of repetitive meals!

Soup time!

I get out of class so late on Tuesdays that I just decided to cook some brown rice on my break, in my new rice cooker that I'm soooooooooo excited about! I love rice, but I'm not so good at cooking it. This definitely made it easier! I added the brown rice to a can of Amy's Veggie Soup. It is so delicious. I seriously am obsessed with that soup. And I know, canned green beans? Well I love them, and they're quick! I also had a side of carrots and broccoli from The Green Giant. They were ok, I don't think I will get them again. I've definitely had better!

I don't know why the picture is so fuzzy
Breakfast this morning was pretty typical. Whole wheat English muffin with Sugar Free Fiber Polaner Blackberry Jam, greek yogurt, and egg whites with spinach. I also ate a banana once I got to the house I babysit at. Since I eat breakfast so early; around 7, if I don't split my breakfast, I end up getting hungry way before its time for a snack!

So I decided on Tuesday, since it was a day of mainly sitting around at school, that I would take a calorie count of what I burned throughout a whole day. Well I started Monday night around 8 (yes this is when I'm climbing in bed) and continued for about 22 hours. I ended up having to restart it and just save the number and hours because after I worked out Tuesday morning (a short Insanity workout) it stopped working for some crazy reason and I had to reset it.

After taking into account the previous count I burned approximately 2250 calories over 22 hours. I'm glad to know that, it allowed me to up my daily calorie intake in order to lose weight effective.

I'm up a few pounds since before Christmas, which is no big deal. Just going to slowly keep my calorie count around 1700-1800 a day when I work out, to keep the weight loss going.

I'm only about five pounds away from my goal weight. 

I think Saturday/Sunday I will wear the watch again, to see the number of calories burned on a complete rest day. No exercise except the daily walks I take Leo on. Which hopefully are around an hour a day. BUT that depends on weather and time permitted. 

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