Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Tuesday After Two Exams

In all honesty, I have not been eating super well the past week and a half. When finals come, snacks come out. And there is nothing against eating snacks! I think they're necessary to protect me from getting that starving hunger that causes me to over eat! Yet snickers and pretzel m&ms are not as filling. But oh well! I'm almost done! I have one more next week, and in the mean time I'm babysitting to make some money for the cruise...

Still finding time for exercise with Leo is very important to me!

Roxy is not impressed!

So I had a scary situation happen to me Friday night when I was driving home from babysitting. When I was driving down a road a deer ran out in front of me and I swerved to hit it, and I lost control of my car for just a moment. Just long enough to hit a mailbox, which at first I did not know was a mailbox. I thought it was a pole. It was tall and fancy and I wasn't paying attention to what was coming, I was trying to stay as calm as possible to recover the car and avoid the deer. 

Where I'm from, people who hit deer total their cars. I did not, no COULD NOT total my car. I'm a student and I've had this car from five years. I love it, and I cannot afford to buy a new one. Yes, I have insurance but I can assure you my 13 year old car doesn't have much value anymore. Anyway, since it was late I just got out long enough to move the mailbox out of the driveway of the people's house, made sure my car was ok and left a note with my name and contact information saying I would pay for any damages, hoping I would not have to make a claim with the insurance.  

I got a call a few days later, Monday, from the very nice man whom's mailbox I had hit. Ugh. He's a doctor and his mailbox was 700 bucks, not including the installation fee. I. Wish. The. Deer. Would. Have. Chosen. A. Cheaper. Mailbox. To. Run. In. Front. Of. Ugh... Well, I've made a claim, and I know that's what insurance is for. But still, I feel guilty. I know its not my fault in my head. But that doesn't always pertain to what actually STAYS in my mind.

So yea, finals and mailbox damage make for a stress free December! Is it time for my cruise yet?!?!?!

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